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Whether you want the smile of your dreams, or just professional, friendly dental care, we’re here to help. At Nelson Family Dental Group, our mission is to help you maintain your oral health for a lifetime of optimum function and aesthetics.

Quality care by people who care

As much as we love to see our patients walk out the door with the smile of their dreams, our goal is actually much larger. We believe you have the right to expect the best of the best from us, whether that means routine dental care like cleanings and fillings, or more complicated procedures such as implants and complex restorations. In fact, our commitment to you is to provide

  • check mark Quality dental care by people who care
  • check mark The best cosmetic dentistry so you can smile with confidence
  • check mark Experienced staff you can trust
  • check mark State-of-the-art equipment in a comfortable environment
  • check mark Financial arrangements that meet your needs
  • check mark Empathetic management of pain
  • check mark No-hassle communication and collaboration with other dental or medical providers

Dream smiles

It’s a fact: smiling really can make you happier! So if the fear of pain, the cost, or time is stopping you, call us today. We’re here to help you achieve not only great oral health, but possibly even the smile of your dreams! Read about our happy dream smiles customers.

Exceptional, professional staff

In dental practice in Redding, California, for nearly three decades, Michael Nelson, DDS, has dedicated his career to providing his customers with the latest and the best possible dental care, for both routine care and aesthetic implants and restorations. And our staff consists of a team of dedicated and caring professionals who are committed to bringing you quality care and the best possible experience while we fulfill your dental needs. Read more about us.


Two-way teeth brushing

Get the most out of your teeth brushing efforts by following our recommended "two-way brushing" method. Click here to download these handy directions.
(Tip! Print it out and post it where you brush your teeth!)
Leon, Chris, Mike Nelson, DDS

Three generations of Nelson dentists dedicated to you!

Giving “family dentistry” a new meaning, I'm proud to follow in my father's footsteps, Leon Nelson DDS, who practiced in Redding for 44 years. Now my son Chris Nelson has joined us! Read our story “The Dental Incredibles” (PDF).